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Document Release for NTCIR-5 CLIR Task



(1) Downloading User Agreement Form

Please download User Agreement Form ("Memorandum on Permission to Use NTCIR-5 test collections for workshop participants"), and print it.

User Agreement Form - [English] [Japanese]

(2) Sending User Agreement Form to the NTCIR Project Office (by postal mail or courier)

Please prepare two signed copies of the form for each of the tasks, and send them to the NTCIR Project Office:

NTCIR Project Office
Research Center for Information Resources
National Institute of Informatics
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-4212-2750

*Please make two sets of original double-sided copies, sign, and send (by postal mail or courier) to the NTCIR Project Office at the address specified below. The participating group on the form shall be a legal organization or a department/section of a legal organization. Since we need original signatures on each of the forms, the two original, signed copies of each of the forms must to be sent by postal mail or courier. After counter-signature of the forms, we will send a signed copy to you for your retention and another signed copy will be kept in the NII. Photo copies of the signed forms may be sent to the copyright holders or distribution right holders of the data.

*Please read the task description carefully and choose the data set(s) that you need to conduct the task registered, then tick the data sets that you are requesting in the appendix of each form. Please note that every participant must submit the signed forms to participate in the NTCIR-5 tasks. If you participated in the NTCIR-4 and obtained the permission of the use of some of the data by NII as a "NTCIR Workshop participant", the permission was only for the participation in the NTCIR-4 and you need to tick the data sets to obtain the permission for the NTCIR-5.

(3)Receiving user ID and password sent by the the NTCIR Project Office (by e-mail)

After the NTCIR Project Office receives your two signed copies of the User Agreement From, user ID and password will be sent to you by e-mail.

(4)Downloading document sets from Web site

You can download document sets from the web site of the NII by using the user ID and password.

*The URL will be given to you later.
*The user ID and password will be used again and again for NTCIR-5 CLIR task. Please keep it carefully.

CAUTION: Usage of NTCIR-4 English Test Collection
English Document sets in the NTCIR-4 Test Collection includes "Xinha dataset" provided by
LDC(Linguistic Data Consortium, USA). Please see the Web site of the NTCIR-4 Workshop for
Usage of the dataset follows the aggrement with LDC, i.e.,
(A) Pariticipants in the NTCIR-4: Xinha dataset is available until end of April 2005.
(B) New commers (not participated in the NTCIR-4): You need to obtain Xinha data from LDC
by yourself. Please read the Web site of the NTCIR-4 Workshop carefully.

If you have questions, please contact us: @nii.ac.jp