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Currently I have been involved in the cognitive neuroscientific studies of human emotion, memory, social interactions, future thinking, and self-awareness from various research methodologies including neuropsychology, functional neuroimaging, basic and clinical psychophysiology.

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Yuichi Ito (JSPS Research Fellow SPD)
We are able to envision and pre-experience the future events in our mind. The ability enables us to prepare for the future situations and to make our lives better. I study what mechanisms are underlying in that cognitive ability with a behavioral study and a computational modeling based on neuropsychological data.
Midori Shibata
My research interests include the neural mechanisms of language comprehension, especially non-literal language comprehension (humor, metaphor, irony and indirect speech acts).I'm also interested in how emotion affects language processing, and how language elicits the emotional response in our brain.


Koki Tsuji (D3, JSPS Research Fellow DC)
I’m interested in how people generate, sustain, and change preferences, and how those preferences affect decision-making. I approach these interests with experimental psychology and neuroscience. Recent projects have focused on how social reputation and popularity with others have an effect on the preference for commodities.
Yuto Tanaka (D2)
My interest is how body and mind affect each other to make emotion and human behavior and its mechanism. Especially, I'm interested in how interoception forms, and I want to know whether there is factor that comes from outside the body that might affect the interoceptive awareness.
Mana Odaka (M1)
My research interests involve individual differences in sensitivity to stimuli which are irrelevant to ongoing activities. The main focus has been the behavioural and neural differences between noise sensitive and insensitive persons.
Kazushi Shinagawa (M1)
My current research interests include the question of how the relationship between brain and body makes self and conscious awareness. I am particularly interested in the default mode network and relevant large-scale networks in psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia and developmental disorders.


  • Ayano Hino (4th)
  • Yuki Inoishi (4th)
  • Akihide Iwashita (4th)
  • Haruna Kaneko (4th)
  • Risa Kishaba (4th)
  • Kanako Nagano (4th)
  • Naoki Ishikawa (3rd)
  • Minami Kagaya (3rd)
  • Miho Konno (3rd)
  • Mako Onodera (3rd)
  • Aoi Wakatsuki (3rd)
  • Xihao Yang (3rd)

Lab Alumni

Keita Masui (Faculty of Psychology, Otemon Gakuin University)
Takahiro Osumi (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
Yukio Maehara (Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University)
Hirokata Fukushima (Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University)
Yuri Terasawa (Department of Psychology, Keio University)