Graduate Seminar in Theatre Studies at Keio University


  Graduate School Undergraduate Course
2018 SS:Transcultural Theatre
FS:New Theories of Tragedy
German Modern Dance
2017 Medium of Gaze Postdramatic Theatre
2016 Sabbatical Year Sabbatical Year
2015 SS:Chorus in Theatre
FS:Music Theatre
Theories of Melancholy
2014 SS:Acting Theory
FS:Theatre and Respresentation
Cultural Studies
2013 SS:Phenomenology of Theatre
FS:Theatre and the Political
Theories of Bodies
2012 SS:History of german theatres
FS:Theories of Theatre(Study)
SS:Reading Freud
FS:Theories of Melancholy
2011 SS:Modern Teories of Tragedy
FS:Contemporary Teories of Tragedy
2010 Theories of the Bodies