タイトル EJ全文閲覧可能期間 リモートアクセス 備考
American Libraries: Bulletin of the American Library Association 1983+ ALA会員配布資料
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology//American Society for Information Science 2002+  
Aslib Proceedings 1949-1998, 1999+ ×  
Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian 1997+ ×  
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science 1995+ 2008冊子体廃刊:無料公開
Bulletin of the Association of Medical Librarians 1902(Free) ○(Free) 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読):無料公開
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 1997+ ×  
College & Research Libraries News 1996+(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
Collection Building 1996+ ×  
Conference Proceedings / SIGDOC 1982+ 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
Current Awareness Abstracts: A Review of Information Management Literature 1988+ ×  
Cybermetrics 1997+(Free) ○(Free) EJのみ(SLIS未購読):無料公開
D-Lib Magazine 1995+(Free) ○(Free) EJのみ(SLIS未購読):無料公開
Education for Information: The International Review of Education and Training in Library and Information Science 1998+ × 1998(vol.16, issue 4から)
Electronic Library: The International Journal for Minicomputer, Microcomputer, and Software Applications in Libraries 1983-1998, 1999+ ×  
Information & Management: The International Journal of Management Processes and Systems 1995+  
Information Management Journal 1999+(継続前誌は1990-1998) 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
Information Management and Technology 2002+ × EJのみ、冊子体は2006まで
Information Processing & Management: Libraries and Information Retrieval-systems and Communication Networks 1995+  
Information Research 1995+(Free) ○(Free) EJのみ(SLIS未購読):無料公開
Information Retrieval  1999+  
Information Services & Use 1996/04/01+(最新12ヶ月を除く)  
Information Technology and Libraries 2006+  
Interlending & Document supply: The Journal of the British Library Lending Division 1973-1993, 1994+ ×  
The International Information & Library Review 1993+  
International Journal on Digital Libraries  1997+ 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
International Journal of Information Management  1995+ 冊子体は2006まで、2007以降は未講読
Internet Research 1991-1993, 1994+ × 冊子体は4階(SLIS未講読)
Journal of Academic Librarianship 1975-2004, 1995+ 1975-2004はEBSCO, 1995+はElsevier
Journal of Classification 1984-1996, 1997+  
Journal of Documentation 1945-1996, 1997+ ×  
Journal of Electronic Publishing 1995+(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
Journal of Information Science: Principles & Practice 最新二年間のみ ×  
Journal of Informetrics 2007+ 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 最新二年間のみ ×  
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology: JASIST 1986+ 2001年誌名変更:継続前誌 Journal of the American Society for Information Science
Journal of the Medical Library Association  2002+(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
The Huntington Library quarterly  2000+ × 冊子体は日吉(SLIS未購読):2000(vol. 61, issue 2)から
Law Library Lights 1957+ 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
2007年誌名変更:継続前誌Law library lights: news and views of the Law Librarians'
Society of Washington, D.C.
Learned Publishing 1997+(最新12ヶ月を除く)(Free) ○(Free) 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読):無料公開
The Library. Ser. 7: The Transactions of the Bibliographical Society 1889-1995, 1996+  
Library & Information Science Research 1995+ 2003年誌名変更:継続前誌Library and information research news 
Library Collections, Acquisitions, & Technical Services 1999+(継続前誌は1995-1998) 継続前誌 Library acquisitions: practice & theory 
Library Hi Tech 1983-1996, 1997+ ×  
Library Hi Tech News 1999+ × 1999(vol. 16, issue 3)から
Library Issues: Briefings for Faculty and Administrators 1996+ ×  
Library Journal 1976+  
Library Media Connection 2003+ 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
Library Trends 1993+(最新12ヶ月を除く)(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
Libri : International Library Review and I.F.R.A.-communications-F.I.A.B. 1999+(最新12ヶ月以外はFree) ○(Free) 最新12ヶ月以外は無料公開
Medical Libraries 1898-1902(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
Medical Library and Historical Journal 1903-1907 ○(Free) 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読):無料公開
The New Review of Academic Librarianship 2003+ ×  
OCLC Systems & Services 1985-1993, 1994+ ×  
Online Information Review: The International Journal of Digital Information Research and Use 1997-1998, 1999+ ×  
Perspectives in Health Information Management 2004+(Free) ○(Free) 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読):無料公開
Proceedings of the ... ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 1996+   冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems 1966-1996, 1997+ ×  
Public Library Quarterly 1997+ ×  
Publishing Research Quarterly 1997+  
Records Management Journal 1987-1997, 1998+ ×  
Reference Services Review 1973-1996, 1997+ ×  
Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly 2002+(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
School Library Journal 2000+  
School Library Journal's Reviews 2001+ 冊子体なし(SLIS未購読)
School Library Media Research 1998+(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
Science Communication: An Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal 最新二年間のみ ×  
Scientometrics: An International Journal for All Quantitative Aspects of the Science of Science Policy 1978-1996, 1997+  
Serials 1988+ × EJのみ
Serials Review 1990-2001, 1995+ 1990-2001はEBSCO;1995+はElsevier
Social Science Information = Information sur les sciences sociales 最新二年間のみ ×  
Social Studies of Science 1975-2005 冊子体は4階(SLIS未講読)
TermNet News: Journal of the International Network for Terminology 2006+ × 冊子体は2005まで
Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 1987+  
VINE 1971-2000, 2001+ ×  
World Libraries 1996+(Free) ○(Free) 冊子体は2005まで:無料公開
Written Communication 1997-1998, 最新二年間 1997-1998のみ○(Gale) 1997-1998はGaleGroup Literature Resource Center; 最新二年間はSage
三田図書館・情報学会誌 1963+(最新12ヶ月を除く)(Free) ○(Free) 無料公開
日本図書館情報学会誌 1999-200402(Free), 200312-2005 ○(1999-200402はFree) 1999-200402は無料公開
図書館学会年報  1997-1999(Free) ○(Free) 1997-1999は無料公開
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